DX Mailing List Formed

Lyndon Nerenberg dx-request at unbc.edu
Wed Apr 7 23:35:00 EDT 1993

Further to the discussion on the CQ-Contest mailing list this week I have
volunteered to start up a seperate mailing list for the discussion of
topics related to DX. This should offload some of the traffic from
the CQ-Contest list, and provide a more focused forum for discussing

The list will operate (initially, at least) as a simple reflector. Every-
thing sent to the mailing list address will be distributed to all the
subscribers. I also plan to maintain an archive of all the list traffic
that will be accessable via anonymous FTP. That will have to wait for
a couple of weeks, though, pending the arrival of another 2 GB worth
of disk here.

The mailing list general submission address is:

		dx at unbc.edu

Messages sent to that address will be distributed to all the list

Requests for SUBSCRIPTIONS should be mailed to:

		dx-REQUEST at unbc.edu

Do NOT, under any circumstances, send subscription requests to the
general list address! Remember, these requests are processed by
a human, and may take a day or two to be dealt with. UUCP sites
should provide a bang path from a *nearby* (to you) Internet/UUCP gateway -
UUNET doesn't need any additional load. Better yet, get a registered
domain and help us all out.

Since it's a long weekend coming up I would like to suggest that people
send in their subscription requests now, but hold off on sending general
traffic until early next week. This will give me a few days to deal with
the initial influx of requests, get all the addresses debugged, etc. I
will send out a "welcome" announcement somewhere around the 14th, depending
on when the subscription requests die down.

One of the first things I would like to do after we get this going is
to come up with an official charter for the list. This is a very useful
tool to keep discussions from getting completely off track. If you have
any suggestions for this document please include them with your subscription

--lyndon  VE7TCP/VE6BBM

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