Conductive Goop

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Fri Apr 9 21:44:00 EDT 1993

Here is what I found.  GB OX-GUARD.  Anti-oxidant compound for 
wire conections and aluminum conduit joints.  Cat #OX-400.

Back panel description.  EASY TO APPLY

OX-Guard penetrates aluminum
oxide to maintain inter-strand and 
inter-conductive current paths.
Guards against  oxidation, im-
proves conductivity and pro-
duces a cooler connection.

1. Apply with wire brush or emery cloth.
2. Apply liberally and assembe according to manufacture's 

I used this on my Butternut vertical before WPX.  Can't say that
it made me louder stronger or worked more of everything.  But the
antenna was no longer intermittent and tuned up slick.

BTW, I'm not going to post my claimed score.  After seeing some others,
264k, single op, lower power, on a city lot, more than 12 hours,
I don't think there is to much concern among the strong contenders.

I will be posting an analysis of this effort versus a similiar one
at DA1KM three years ago.  2 points versus 0 points for on continent
QSO's makes a difference.

73 de Bob nd1h

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