Hygain support

KM9P at delphi.com KM9P at delphi.com
Mon Apr 12 10:06:10 EDT 1993

Call Telex in Minneapolis and ask for Al Kaplan.  He is a straight shooter 

and you can trust his response.



My experience with the aformentioned does not jive with "straight shooter".

I have a HDR-300 that has the shaft rust-welded to the plate that slips
over it.  When I called Mr. Kaplan he told me he had never heard of this
problem and instructed me that I should have greased this joint before 
installing it. (Not mentioned in the manual.)  In my search for ways to
remove the plate I talked with a local that builds antennas and mounts.
He had done work on 3 or 4 HDR-300's with the same problem and found the
only way to remove the plate was by burning it off.  He also told me that
he had several conversations with Mr. Kaplan about the problem just a 
year previous to my conversation with him.  

My best guess is that he is probably a straight shooter with a real poor
memory.  You'll probably get bettter answers to your Hy-Gain questions
from guys on this forum.


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