W3XU Operators' Manual

Gerald.J.Kersus at att.com Gerald.J.Kersus at att.com
Wed Apr 14 12:20:06 EDT 1993

Interesting comments, Steve.  I assume Bill put together the "W3XU 
Operators Manual"  as a guide to the various operators who come to his
station when he does M/S or M/M.  For the most part, it can be useful to
many of us in the Great North East.

I also took exception to his recommendation not to respond to a station
using phonetics.  I find it isn't that much more effort, and under  certain
conditions (QRM, heavy accents) it gives the calling station a chance to
correct a call sign.  Otherwise, his recommendation about unnecessary chatter 
is pretty much on target.

As far as using "QRZ" on phone, I'm amazed at the number of casual  DX
stations that won't come back to you unless you use QRZ or, worse, call CQ
again.  They just won't come back to to "Thanks.  W1GD, contest."

Gerry, W1GD

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