6 meter RFI Problems - HELP!

sellington sellington at mail.ssec.wisc.edu
Fri Apr 16 10:25:23 EDT 1993

Concerning AA1AK's fellow ham's problems:

For the cable TV TVI, first try wrapping both the power cord and the RF 
cable of the affected TV around ferrite cores.  (Available at Radio Shack,
A balun on your 6 M antenna might help, also.  However, if the affected 
cable channel is on the 6 M band, it may be tough to keep RF from 
getting directly into TV receivers, even if the cable system is leak-free.
If you find that many TV's are affected, including some a ways away from
your antenna, a cable leak is probably, and  you should contact the cable
company.  If you hear anything on your 6 M receiver that sounds like 
video (60 Hz buzz), tell the cable company which direction it's coming from.
It's possible, though, that you'll hear some leakage from a TV receiver,
which isn't the cable company's problem.   

The 49 MHz problem is different.  These devices are probably hopeless,
because of their cheap receivers.  While it may not help with neighbor/
family relations, these devices are not protected at all by the FCC, and
must bear a sticker to that effect.  Part 15 says they have to simply
tolerate any interference they receive, and that their use must cease if
they cause any interference to any other service.  About all you can
do is to make sure your feedline isn't radiating very close to these devices
(with a balun), get your antenna as far from them as possible, or  reduce
your power.  You're not legally obligated to take any measures to eliminate
this kind of RFI, though.

Scott   K9MA

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