sub-laptop PC's

Ward Silver hwardsil at
Sat Apr 17 17:21:37 EDT 1993

de Ward, N0AX
    I'm looking for a very portable notetaker-phone number-type computer,
smaller than a laptop (and less powerful), and larger than a palmtop (such as
HP95 or the lesser Wizards).  I can deal with less than full-size QWERTY key-
board, but can't type on chiclets or membrane-style keys.
    I'm considering a POQET...any recommendations or experiences would be
gladly accepted.  No, it doesn't have to run CT 8.xx...hihi!  It must be able
to transfer stuff to and from a PC or Mac.
    The driving requirement here is notes and writing on the go without a
multi-pound, multi-k$$ device to worry about.

and 73, Ward

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