VK6 hams

Jeff Tucker N9HZQ tucker at eedsp.gatech.edu
Wed Apr 21 14:42:49 EDT 1993

I got the following information from the hams-on-usenet server.  Sorry about
sending to the list, but I deleted the original query.

samp at DIALix.oz.au (Sam J Pascoe)                        vk6ksp  91-12-9
gary at cs.newcastle.edu.au (Gary Carroll)                 vk6xq   92-2-6@ hidden
Mercer_RW at cc.curtin.edu.au (Roy W Mercer)               vk6xyz  93-2-8@
cpelham at ec.uwa.oz.au (Cres A V Thursby-Pelham)          vk6yx   93-3-15
nmurrayr at cc.curtin.edu.au (Ron J Murray)                vk6zjm  91-10

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tucker at eedsp.gatech.edu             Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
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