WPX Contest Certificates

Tim Coad tim_coad at smtp.ESL.COM
Tue Apr 20 17:13:56 EDT 1993

                       Subject:                               Time:4:04 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          WPX Contest Certificates               Date:4/20/93
My award certificate for the 92 WPX contest came folded into thirds.
Seems like the year before it was mailed in a large envelope. Actually it seems
like every certificate Ive ever received came unfolded in a nice big envelope.
Is this something new CQ mag. is doing to cut costs? Did others receive theirs
folded this year? Does anybody else mind beside me that they come folded? I
know its no big deal but it does take something away from its appearance. Kinda
like an SS mug that leaks.
Tim  - NU6S

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