K1DGs can of worms

Danny Eskenazi 0005720561 at mcimail.com
Thu Apr 22 07:13:00 EDT 1993

I too know of several records that have been set by someone who has
been caught red-handed. I wonder everytime I see his scores,whether
he has won fairly.There is also a local who jumps on every packet
spot and claims single op. And there lately seem to have been some
who have felt that QRP means "under 100 watts".  I have no problem
with letting them stew in their own guilt, but I really dont think
they feel in any way guilty. The biggest problem comes up when
these people's scores end up in the record book. It is GROSSLY
UNFAIR for others who play by the rules, to have to chase records
that have been set illegally. Therefore, I think the harshest
criticism should be levelled at these individuals.  I dont the
proper procedure...but think  SOMETHING MUST BE DONE, either by the
CAC or ARRL or CQ COmmittee. If there is a consensus here on cq-contest
I think the appropriate committees should know about and come up 
with a firm plan... this area is perhaps the most sensitive we have
to deal with, but letting it simmer and sweeping it under the rug
has got to stop. We all snicker about the 10KW guys...lets cool
their jets...Lets find a way to deal with the packet sneaks..lets
not let a few ruin the fun of many.      whew..time to get off the
soapbox....its good to know im no the only one who feels this way...
73 Danny K7SS

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