another contest complaint

n2ic at n2ic at
Fri Apr 23 08:25:26 EDT 1993

>As long as we're complaining... How about the ops who start contests
>like the SPRINT 5-6 minutes before the actual start time. 

Oh, cmon !  I have never heard anyone start a contest that early !
In the few mins prior to the Sprint, it may sound like the contest has
actually started, with lots of people exchanging 599+ and name in rapid fire

On the other hand, what about all those QSO's logged at 0359Z ?  I hear
lots of QSO's started a minute or more past the end time.

You really can't trust your computer clock for accurate timing.  I find
that my old 8088 drifts several minutes in the course of a 48 hour contest.
My new 486 is much better in that respect.

Steve, N2IC/0

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