More moral questions

intelhf!agora!putz!tyreel at uunet.UU.NET intelhf!agora!putz!tyreel at uunet.UU.NET
Mon Apr 26 15:31:29 EDT 1993

I am entering a log for one of the top wpx SSB scores and noted something 

I found the USA call of a well known DX station in the log followed six hours
later by the station at his DX location (about 5000 miles away).  Then, the
station was back in the USA four hours later.  What was even more interesting
is that the DX station decided to use his USA call as portable in his own 
country to give another contact.

It is also interesting to note that there were several QSOs made in a row
when the USA callsign was used and that one of the other QSOs was from someone
who is a silent key.

Do people think these manufactured QSOs are something we should approve of??

I have no doubt that the QSOs took place.  It just seems unfair that some 
stations can give multiple QSOs to their friends when most of us just give 
out one.


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