Accused of splatter

Trevor G. Smith tgs at
Mon Apr 26 10:40:12 EDT 1993

> What do you do when, after at least 10 minutes on a frequency, a
> voice comes back to your CQ and says "W5XD you're 10 K C wide!"?
> I'm sure this is old hat for you big guns, but this can take a lot
> of the fun out of contesting real quick for me.

First question I ask is:  Do you have your noise blanker turned on?

usually they say yes and after turning it off everything is fine.

There's so many LIDS out there that don't understand how to use their
wireless and typically they inhabit nets more frequently than not.

As only two people complained its possible only one guy had his noise blanker onand his friend just called to be obnoxious - I'm sure you would have been
deluged with irate callers had you *really* been splattering.

73 Trevor G3WQO AB5EU still exiled in Texas

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