Phillystran + Guy Grips

KEITH MOREHOUSE 73307.3205 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Apr 27 13:25:11 EDT 1993

At Dayton, I stopped to talk with the guy manning the Phillystran booth.  I 
had decided to use the stuff on a 80 ft 45G, and wanted to check out this 
"new" U-bolt/saddle attachment method.  The fellow wasn't too helpful, (he 
was busy handing out laminated luggage tags.....) but admitted they were 
involved in qualifying their new HPTG-I material (the stuff with the ribbed 
jacket) for use with "big grip" guy preforms.

I hate thimbles and U-bolts so this interests me.  He said "off the record" 
(product liability ??) that they tried it out, found that it worked just 
fine and now were waiting for the people that make preforms to bless it.  
He said this could take months.

My tower needs to go up this spring, so my questions are:

1) Has anybody done independent testing of the new, ribbed jacket 
Phillystran with guy preforms ??
2) Does anybody have any comment, pro or con, on this method ??
3) What is the general opinion of the "new" Phillystran attachment 
(U-bolts) over the "old" potted method.
4) Is the "old style" Phillystran and its potting heads still available for 
purchase ??

At first guess, I think that the preforms would work fine since you can use 
U-bolts on the stuff too.  But, I'm not willing to risk a tower on it and 
would rather not have to pay a test lab to do pull tests on the stuff.

73  Keith WB9TIY

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