June VHF contest, 6 meter DX window

Steve Lund stevel at hpsrfh.sr.hp.com
Fri Apr 30 11:38:22 EDT 1993


>Now for some advice needed:  years ago, we stayed off
>50.110 MHz as the DX window.  Has this changed any?
>Due to all the great (former) propagation and new countries
>allowing 6  meter operation, has the 6 meter DX window
>changed?  Thanks in advance for any info.

The current 6m band plan is:

DX window:  50.100-50.125 (no US-US or US-VE QSOs)
            50.110 (DX calling frequency)

US,VE calling freq: 50.125

For the most part, this is being observed on the West Coast.  Personally, I
won't call a US station in the DX window, even when it is a new grid.

I like the 50.125 calling frequency as it doesn't have the problems with
colorburst harmonics that 50.110 has.

During the better Es openings there are lots of guys operating above 50.2.

Will be listening for you on the magic band this summer.


Steve WA8LLY/6 (CM88)

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