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Ward Silver hwardsil at
Fri Apr 30 13:15:39 EDT 1993

de Ward, N0AX
    My initial query was in regards to an ultra-portable data "butler", not a
replacement for my laptop and desktop systems.  I'm still looking, by the way,
and will forward my reviews...
    To answer Alan, N2ALE's question, a contest laptop should have (in no particular order)

386 or better, 16MHz is OK for contesting
2M of RAM (unless you're in a multi-multi situation where you need 4M)
the clearest, cleanest, sharpest display you can're going to look
    at it for 48 hours straight, remember
2 serial ports to accomodate CT networking at multi's
2 parallel ports to drive a keying line AND a voice keyer
F-keys along the top of the keyboard
Insert and `+` keys where you can see them and find them
worldwide service company so you can get it fixed when the airline drops it
extended warranty so you can get it fixed when YOU spill coffee on it
detachable displays or extenal display driver is nice when host has CRT
get a wrist pad to keep your hands comfy

so what have I forgotten?  I'm using a Dell 316LT with monochrome display, 4M
RAM, etc. etc...and it's doing a good job, but I don't have enough serial ports
to network it yet...

It tolerated a large amount of RF at NH6T in 93 ARRL CW and causes absolutely
no RFI.

Good hunting!
73, Ward

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