contest po-lice

Trey Garlough GARLOUGH at TGV.COM
Fri Apr 30 15:18:42 EDT 1993

>     My suggestion is that we institute a system of contest OO's (Official
> Observers).  Volunteers for each contest, at least one team of two for 
> every ARRL section, more where required.  These could be CW guys for phone 
> contests, or versa vice, etc.

> Referees were a roaring success in WRTC, by the way.  The operators, 
> all world-class, insisted on a level playing field to the maximum 
> extent possible.  My guess is that is wouldn't take very long before 
> the more blatent cheaters found another way to spend their weekends.  
> Good, clean ops should welcome this self-policing, non-invasive 
> solution or something similar.

I don't welcome this solution, so I guess that makes it clear what kind 
of op I am not.

The referees at WRTC were former world champions (like N6AA, who has won 
CQWW 10 times or whatever), big-time contest adjuticators (like K3EST) 
and so forth, i.e. guys who really understand the issues.  Because of 
their knowledge, they commanded lots of respect from the competitors and 
everything turned out great.

Unfortunately this doesn't scale well to an off-site competition; there 
aren't 154 N6AA's.  Besides, who is going to make a special trip to HC8 
to check whether I am transmitting on two bands at once?  

You could say I'm philosophically in favor of this idea, but I'm against 
the particular implementation that has been suggested.  The bottom line 
is that I don't want to be put on the spot because of the bungling of a 
couple of local non-op yahoos.

--Trey, WN4KKN

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