Contest Cops

Alan Brubaker alan at
Fri Apr 30 16:27:45 EDT 1993

This will be tough to set up and execute. For example, if we did this in the
SS, we would need at least two volunteers per section to be policemen. Some
sections are quite large. If we split those up, we would need even more
volunteers. I am not very excited by the idea of volunteering for this myself,
and I would not expect a big rush on this. The field strength meter does not
sound good - the actual power output needs to be accurately measured. I would
not want to be out running around trying to find out if some WB0 in Minnesota
was running too much power in the middle of November in a blizzard. It just 
does not seem to be very practical.

A clear frequency? In the phone SS on 20 meters? Right. I have lost count of
the number of times that I have lost a frequency to someone in my skip zone
who cannot hear me. The phone SS is not my favorite contest as you can likely


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