CT Ver. 9 (Maybe)

KM9P at delphi.com KM9P at delphi.com
Fri Apr 30 19:51:33 EDT 1993

I talked to Ken (EA) today about a possible Version 9 that he would
like to get started on for a next year release at Dayton.  Since 
Ken would like to sell some programs...  He would like to ask you guys
what you might like to see in a new version of the program.

My suggestion is a REAL Windows version of CT.  Wouldn't be cool to 
resize the partial window, or the ALT-A window?  How about clicking
on a DX spot instead of having to do CNTRL-RIGHT ARROW then PAGE-UP
or ARROW-UP to the spot!  I think there are alot of possibilities 
with the Windows scheme that I havn't even begun to think about.  

With that said...  Send your responses to me.  NOT THE REFLECTOR PLEASE!
I read too much DX and computer BS on this thing as it is....  Please,
don't send me bug reports!  I looking for revolutionary ideas for a 
truely NEW version.

Thank you,

Bill Fisher, KM9P       Send to KM9P at DELPHI.COM

I will forward EVERY response to Ken as I get them.

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