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Mon Aug 2 09:23:23 EDT 1993

This thread of conversation reminds me of the controversy
perking in the chess community over participation of
computers in (otherwise) human tournaments.  Everyone
wants to know how strong the computers are, at least in
order to decide which ones would be worthy practice
opponents.  The best way to find out is to let them
compete with real chess players, thereby earning a
rating (which in chess is a very good metric).  But
no one wants to be beaten by a machine for what is
usually a real money prize.  

I think the ham radio answer is a lot easier.  Just let 'em
in, but don't ever list an automated station in competition
with humans.  I for one am eager to see a listing of single
transmitter, no human operator entries.  Separately, please.

/Rick Tavan N6XI
rick at 

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