New Contest Idea

Jack Fleming oolon at
Mon Aug 2 20:31:15 EDT 1993

Please take a look at this idea for a local anytime contest.  Hopefully
this will be to amateur radio contesting what fantasy baseball is to
real baseball - a chance for anyone to have a special interest at almost
any time.


Packetcluster(c) Invisible Contest - by WA0RJY
Anytime (4 peak propagation hours are recommended), Any Day
   This is a fun, small contest for members of a single
packetcluster(c).  The goal of this contest (other than scoring the
most points, of course) is to have a contest without anyone knowing 
that the contest is in progress (other than the contesters, of 
course).  All QSOs must sound authentic - no requesting changes 
in mode to add a mult, no running stations without a real 
exchange of information, no calling "CQ TEST", etc...  But we still 
have a real scoring who's-the-best-operator contest at the same
   Classes: Single Operator, Assisted, Single Band (to be
selected and announced by Contest Organizers) 
   Exchange:  If you call CQ - the exchange is signal report,
QTH, and name.  If you answer a CQ - the exchange is the same as
given to you by the other op (just RST if that's all he's giving,
or RST, QTH, and name if that's what he sends you, or RST, QTH,
name, rig, weather, military experience, anecdotes of visits to
the other's city, etc. if he's the chatty sort...).
   Points:  Each CW QSO counts as 20 points.  Each SSB QSO counts
as 10 points.  CW QSOs must be in the CW portion of the band and
SSB QSOs must be in the SSB portion of the band.  Stations can be
worked once on each mode - but no requesting a second QSO with a
station to move them to the other mode!
   Multipliers:  DXCC Countries List.  Separate multipliers for
CW and SSB contacts. 
   Bonus Points:  A special 100 point bonus for each
packetcluster(c) spot of a DX station.  Only the initial spot of
a DX station will gain the bonus points - succeeding spots will
NOT receive a bonus (Instead they will receive a 100 point
penalty!  This is to avoid filling up the cluster(c) with
duplicate spots.  Keep a spot dupe sheet!).  There can be 2
bonuses per DX station - one per mode.  You need to work the DX
station, complete both exchanges and end the QSO (probably with
those little "dit dits" if working CW) before you can put up the
   Total Score:  Total of points earned from CW QSOs plus points
earned for SSB QSOs plus bonus points for spotting DX stations
times multipliers minus dupe spot penalties. 
   Special Rules:  Anyone using the word "Contest" during the
contest risks disqualification.  All contest QSOs must be DX (no
U.S.A. working U.S.A. or U.S.A. working Canada or Canada working
Canada or Canada working U.S.A.).  The rulings of the Contest
Organizers are final.    
   Awards:  Whatever the competitors agree on.  Certificates to
all entrants noting their participation and their placing would
seem appropriate.  To be eligible for an award you must use
"ANNOUNCE/FULL" on the Packetcluster(c) within 1/2 hour of the
completion of the competition to announce your final (accurate!)
score.  Competitors should keep a log with the stations worked,
the exchanges received, and a list of multipliers.  The bonus
points for initial spots should be evident to all.
                    Score Calculation Worksheet
CW QSOs              _____ x 20 points =  __________ CW Points
SSB QSOs             _____ x 10 points =  __________ SSB Points
Spots                _____ x 100 points = __________ Spot Bonus
                     TOTAL POINTS:        __________
CW Mults             _____
SSB Mults            _____
TOTAL MULTS:         _____                __________ x Mults
                     GROSS SCORE:         __________
Duplicate Spots      _____ x 100 points = __________ (MINUS!)
                     FINAL SCORE:         __________    
SPECIAL NOTE:  This contest concept can, of course, be endlessly
modified.  How about only one mode?  QRP?  Maybe two bands
(80/40)?  Maybe limit the number of entries?  How about mano a
mano between two competitors?  Team competitions?  Maybe make it
an ultra sprint (1 hour)?  Impromptu contesting - using TALK mode
on the cluster(c) two or three people decide to contest for a
couple hours during an evening?  How about different awards?  A
championship cup can pass from holder to holder and challengers
can demand a 1 hour match on the band of the challenger's choice? 
Maybe give the 100 point spotting bonus for each new multiplier
rather than each new DX station (to not overwhelm the
Any and all comments or ideas would be appreciated.  We plan to 
try this system out on 18 MHz on August 28.
- Jack Fleming, WA0RJY, oolon at

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