CT Problem... Solved!

Jeff Tucker F/N9HZQ tucker at gtl.georgiatech-metz.fr.georgiatech-metz.fr
Wed Aug 4 13:28:44 EDT 1993

Well, thanks to all the guys who sent me email about my CT
problem.  I actually prepared a letter, thanking you by name and
tried to send it to cq-contest.  Now, an hour later, I look in
the mail queue and that letter disappeared.  I already deleted
you email, so you won't get thanked by name.  Like I said, mail
is screwy here.

The key to the problem was given to me by Dave, KR3B(?).  He
noted that CT applies the continent override on a line-by-line
basis.  I had been putting in only one override on multi-line
countries in the iaru.cty file.  By changing that, I was able
to put the Spaniards back in Europe and the CT3 guys back in

Thanks again to the net for solving yet another problem.

73 de Jeff

Jeffrey L. Tucker                           F/N9HZQ
tucker at georgiatech-metz.fr                  Georgia Tech Lorraine
tucker at eedsp.gatech.edu                     Metz, France

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