Possible Internet sprint

Larry Tyree tree at cmicro.com
Fri Aug 6 15:40:51 EDT 1993

well, the comments were about 50-50 and I would feel bad about sponsoring the
contest with that much negative opinion.

Some of you are still waiting to see "final" results of the first one.  I am
not sure there will ever be results beyond those earlier published.  I have
a philosophical question for you...  Should printing official results really
matter as the point is to have fun?  We can have more of these if there isn't
a lot of administrative work associated with them.  While it is true that
if I get some software written, it would be no big deal to sponsor the
contest...  but I just don't have the time.

Maybe there is a bored programmer out there who can invest 40 hours of work
to automate checking the internet sprint?  Any volunteers?

So, maybe in October...

Tree N6TR
tree at cmicro.com

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