CW QSO Party Score

Jack Fleming oolon at
Sun Aug 8 13:53:51 EDT 1993

Here's another score from a small time operator:

160	  1	  1
 80	 28	 16
 40	 60	 33
 20	196	 47
 15	 58	 25
 10	  5	  3
----	---	---
TOTAL:	348	125  = 43,500 points

Thanks to N6TR's software the contest was a lot of fun - amazing to have
the computer start saying hello to people on it's own!  Pretty much
Semi-Robot Operation!

Also pretty scary when I have more Qs and mults on 40 than 15.  The static
was horrible and the wire is no comparison to the yagi!  I generally hate
the low bands, but this might be a taste of contests to come.

All in all a fun contest with 4 half hour breaks to eat and walk around.  I
like the 10 out of 12 hour idea.  And the first time with the N6TR software
in the QSO Party was a lot of fun.  All those names are added to the name
data base for upcoming events (including Fox, Nerd, Gator, etc.).

See ya on the 21st!

  - Jack  WA0RJY/7

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