AM VHF Radios

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The 118-136 MHz aircraft band uses AM.  Any radio that receives that
band will have an AM detector that can be used for noise location.  AM
is used in part so that multiple signals can be heard at the same time,
so as not to miss a weak emergency call.

Our local power company guy uses a TV set with an RV TV antenna, and
watches the noise in the picture, which is also AM.  GL de Dave, W6QHS

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Subject: more UHF contest results
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                              ARRL UHF QSO PARTY  1993

      Call: N7STU            Location:  San Jose, Ca  GRID CM97
      Mode: SSB              Category: Single Operator, 70cm only. 

      BAND     QSO    QSO PTS      GRIDS         TOTAL

      432       12       36           5     =    180

Both operating and propagation conditions poor.  I found out early on 
my oscar array has a very narrow VSWR bandwith so my rig started SWR 
at 434 Mhz.  By the time I hit 432.1 I had barely enough output to drive 
brick to 10 watts, and had trouble keying the T/R relay.  Looks like time 
re-design the antenna system!
Strong radar signals most of the night and morning.

73, Robert N7STU/YB2ARO

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