Professional radio reflector on Internet?

Tim Totten ttotten at
Fri Aug 13 00:42:22 EDT 1993

I am very new to Internet, having just signed up for ATTMAIL.  For those of
you looking for an inexpensive way to rcv CQ-CONTEST msgs, this might be the
answer.  Unlike some other services, there is no fee for rcvd Internet msgs.
I am curious if anyone knows of a reflector similar to this one which is
related to the professional radio business (land mobile, cellular, SMRs,
public safety, etc.).  I am also curious if anyone knows how to access 
Internet inexpensively from Japan--my best friend just moved there, and we
are considering it as a means of communicating (I wish he'd get his ham
Finally, for those who may not have heard, there is a meeting of contesters
tmw night (Friday) at the ARRL National in H'ville.  It's at Quincy's at
1900 CDT, and KR1R is apparently speaking.  I just heard abt it today.
CU in the contests....
73, Tim KJ4VH (ttotten at

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