Highest Rates Ever?

Doug Grant 0006008716 at mcimail.com
Sat Aug 14 21:28:00 EDT 1993

OK - it's ego time!

I am trying to update a list K5ZD published a while back in the NCJ of who
has had the highest rates in contests (or major DXpeditions). Send data to me (k1dg at mcimail.com) directly, and I'll post the list to the reflector when I'm done.

Minimum rates:

U.S. CW: 150/hr
U.S. SSB: 170/hr
DX CW: 175/hr
DX SSB: 300/hr

Please include the band, op, year, contest (or DXpedition), station operated, and anything else you'd like to share ("had 300 Qs in 45 min, then lost power to keyer").

Dr. DX, Modoki, and PED do not count. (I've done over 500/hr on Modoki, "gaming" it.

High-water marks known to date: 

DX CW: 231 KC1F at NP4A
DX SSB: 385 K5ZD at NP4A
U.S. SSB: 221 KC1F at K1EA
U.S. CW: no data available for single-ops! (Your score here)

Doug  K1DG

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