wae cw

Alan Brubaker alan at dsd.es.com
Mon Aug 16 08:49:11 EDT 1993

Not a big score, but...

K6XO/M  QTH: Montana

16 QSOs, 14 Mult., 0 QTCs, 20 meters, single band, low power.

I was attending the WIMU hamfest which was held at Fairmont Hot Springs
near Butte Montana. About 440 attended. The grand prize was a Kenwood
TS50 which I did not win... I got a tour of K0PP's fine station, and
met W7LR who has been an off and on active contester in Montana for many
years. Oddly enough, KS7T, who lives nearby, did not attend.

Alan, K6XO

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