KI4HN's NAQP SSB Results

Jim Stevens ki4hn at vnet.IBM.COM
Mon Aug 23 12:55:58 EDT 1993

 B    Q   M
160   0   0     (No antenna)
 80  38  19     (I could hear fine, but others had trouble hearing me)
 40  80  31     (Great!  Should have worked more here.)
 20  62  23     (Not bad for antenna)
 15  18   7     (Tough going)
 10   0   0     (How many more years of this????)
    198  80  =  15,890

TS440S/AT, Heil boom, & my brand new NA V8.03 which came on Friday on a 5.25"
bend-to-h*ll diskette.  No 5.25" capability at home so a quick trip to work
on Saturday morning and a prayer allowed me to get the file to 3.5".
Cushcraft AP-8 vertical, ground mounted, no radials & 40M Vee apex at 50 feet.

Hoped to get 200 Q's for possible certificate for NC, but I messed up and
took long off period at the wrong time (XYL did enjoy sit down dinner and
walk though).

KI3V/7 wow!!!!  Absolutely loudest signal here on 15 & 20.  Among the loudest
on 40, and heard him at S9 on 75, but he QSYed before I could get him.  Second
place for wow on 20 goes to VE4GV.

Tnx to all.  Hopefully see ya'll in the sprints.

Projects before SS: Put up some metal for 10/15/20 (How I wish that was
possible :-;( ).  Seriously: get radials for vertical & get 75/80 Vees up.

73 de KI4HN, Jim

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