Godwin_Paul/MNEV_dlhp04 at dlhp04.dal.mobil.com Godwin_Paul/MNEV_dlhp04 at dlhp04.dal.mobil.com
Tue Aug 24 08:37:53 EDT 1993

I have an FT990 & am basically very pleased with it, although I still
think the Kenwood "TF Set" arrangement is far superior for split 
operation (used to have a TS930S).

I've noticed the keying can get a bit ragged under certain conditions &
 I'm curious as to whether anyone else on DX or Contest reflectors has 
noticed this. I tried talking to a Yaesu body at Dayton & he was 
obviously just an FM babbler, not much better luck at Dallas area 
  Symptoms are apparent shortening of dits after first few characters
sent i.e. seems like a time-constant problem. I've got around it to some
extent by slewing the weighting on the keyer...

 Operating condx: speed > 25wpm or so, FULL break-in, EXTERNAL keyer and 
actually transmitting (i.e. not just keying sidetone). No problem if 
semi-break-in or full QSK but using INTERNAL keyer.

The TS50S review in latest QST mentions a similar problem with early 
units, but Kenwood has fixed it apparently. This prompted me to write 
Tnx 73  Paul KF5PE  
psgodwin at dal.mobil.com

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