First Contests

Doug Grant 0006008716 at
Fri Aug 27 18:18:00 EDT 1993

OK,'s the Real Story (tm)...

First SS was 1930. Winner was W1ADW. No phone scores were reported until
1932 (except to mentino that "some phone was heard"). High pohone man in 
1932 was W8ALC.

First ARRL DX Contest (excluding the "Tests", which weren't scored) was the
"ARRL International Relay Contest", held in 1928. Winner for the U.S. was
1ASF, DX winer was eg5BY (England - they made up their own prefixes back then).. First separate reporting of phone scores was in 1937. Winnes were W9ARA for the U.S. and XE2N (XE1A, opr.).

First WW was *not* sponsored by CQ magazine. The Radio Magazine WW DX Contest was first held in 1939.

Winners were K6CGK (in Hawaii) on cw and CE3AG on phone.

And I goofed in the earlier post. It wasn't the second SS trhat wasn't announced in QST - it was the second DX Contest. It was held as a surprise celebration for Hiram Percy Maxim's 60th birthday. It was announced by Official Bulletin Stations only. The r
esults were published, though.

Doug  K1DG

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