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Dieter Dippel UNRZ45 at daphne.rrze.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Aug 30 09:23:07 EDT 1993

Hello dr contester and dxer,
this information might be interesting for someone of you.
It's a copy from the german PR-mailbox DB0BOX in Nuremberg.
73 de Dieter, DF4RD

DX @WW           de:OZ1CTK 29.08.93 08:59  30   3475 Bytes
80000 QSLinfo DBdata DXclusterSW

To  : DX at WW

          DX Cluster QSL Database 

On Copenhagen DX Cluster ( OZ2DXC), we have a QSL info database there
contains more than  80.000 QSL references. Including addresses on the most
used QSL managers.
The QSL Database has been collected primary through OZ2DXC, SK7GG-6
(Swedish DX cluster) and DB0KCC (German DX cluster) over the last 2 years.
The input sources come from all known DX magazines, Packet worldwide DX
files and from DX_Spots on the DX clusters in europe. The inputs has been
made by more than 200 European DX'ers hunting DX, and the incoming rate
today is about 500-700 new qsl info'es a month.

I made a program there together with the qsl file make a MANAGER database
reference containing about 4000 listed qsl managers in the QSL data base.
To make an example here is displayed the top 10 list of managers just
displayed only with how many calls they are managers for:

1.   W3HNK : 492
2.   F6FNU : 365
3.   W2CTN : 369
4.   YASME : 225
5.   W2GHK : 223
6.   WA3HUP: 199
7.   DJ9ZB : 167
8.   I0WDX : 121
9.   KA6V  : 114
10.  W4FRU : 105

All the QSL managers, that have three or more DX stations, will be recorded
in the Manager file.

If you have a QSL database like this or smaller, I will be happy to compare
it with ours and make a new unique version, please send the data.

The Data Bases QSL & MGR are in the DX cluster format for the DX cluster
software. At the same time You will get some utilities tools for cleaning
the QSL file the DX_spot file for non interesting spots and make the
manager file. 

You can get copy of the databases by sending:

2 pcs. Formatted DOS PC Disks 1.44Mb 3-1/2 " ,  SASE and 3$ or 5 IRC's for
return postage.
My Address is
               Boye Christensen
               Grastedvej 47
               DK-3200 Helsinge


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