HF DX Packet

Ken_Silverman_at_Wiget_Lane at atlas.ccmail.PacTel.COM Ken_Silverman_at_Wiget_Lane at atlas.ccmail.PacTel.COM
Tue Aug 31 11:03:30 EDT 1993

Subject:  HF DX Packet Clusters

We will be going on a contest expedition to South America for the CQWWCW, and 
have been trying to find information regarding HF DX Packet Clusters.  I can't 
seem to locate and recent information on the subject.  

 - Are there HF DX spotting packet clusters?  If so, what are the typical 
frequencies for USA, Europe, and Japan?  

 - Are any of the HF clusters linked to 2m clusters?  

 - What settings should be used?

Any insight you have would be appreciated,

Ken, WM2C  (from the gang at 4M5I)

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