CT & Asiatic Russia

wmhein at aol.com wmhein at aol.com
Wed Dec 1 12:39:53 EST 1993

Hello Jim.  I was using CT 8.43 and a CQWW.CTY downloaded from
cq-contest at tgv.com and carefully updated from subsequent reflector postings.

What about the RA9, RW9, UW9, RA0, RW0 and UW0 prefixes.  Do they sort out
the same way as the UA9 and UA0 prefixes???  For example, are RA9S, RW9S,
UW9S all zone 16 like UA9S???

Thanks for the info.

Bill AA6TT

>From oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)  Wed Dec  1 18:02:03 1993
From: oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 12:02:03 CST
Subject: 6V6U slim?
Message-ID: <9312011802.AA23542 at astro.as.utexas.edu>

	Did anyone else notice what I took to be a slim signing 6V6U on
	40 meters at 0231Z Nov 28. The operator was not nearly as proficient as
	the one I heard handling the pileups most of the weekend 

Perhaps they were doing their bit for the international cooperation
stuff and training a local Senegalese op?   Unlikely, granted...

I duped them one year because they signed 6W6U and 6V6U at different
times in the same contest, so nobody is perfect.

Perhaps the op was getting tired :-)

Derek aa5bt

>From Ed Gilbert <eyg at hpnjlc.njd.hp.com>  Wed Dec  1 18:02:38 1993
From: Ed Gilbert <eyg at hpnjlc.njd.hp.com> (Ed Gilbert)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 13:02:38 -0500
Subject: wa2srq cqww cw results
Message-ID: <9312011806.AA19270 at hp.com>

WA2SRQ CQWW CW results
Single op, low power category

160     11  5   10
80      49  9   29
40      100 15  57
20      448 33  93
15      318 24  75
10      27  13  22
Total   953 99  286  => 1,046,045

For the past few years I've been operating as part of a M/S
effort, and this was my first effort from home.  I ran low power
so I wouldn't have to worry about TVI.  My goal was to make 1M,
which ended up taking 23 hours.  Operating low power has a
strange feeling.  It's very hard to work dx on 160, 80, and 40,
but on the higher bands I hardly noticed the difference.
Overall, it was a good test of some new antennas, and I now know
where improvements are needed (how to fit a 40m beam on a mast
already overloaded with 3 monobanders?).  

73, Ed  WA2SRQ

>From gjk at hogpa.ho.att.com (Gerald J Kersus)  Wed Dec  1 19:37:07 1993
From: gjk at hogpa.ho.att.com (Gerald J Kersus) (Gerald J Kersus)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 14:37:07 EST
Subject: CT & Asiatic Russia
Message-ID: <9312011937.AA03900 at hogpc.ho.att.com>

The RW9S? I worked on 20 did definitely send zone 17!  Based on Bill's
posting, I've looked back through my logs since 1988 (since they're on my
drive here at work) and it seems that all of them sent zone 17.  Yet, they
keep showing up in my whatever.zon file.  

Gerry, W1GD

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  01-Dec-1993 1459 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Wed Dec  1 19:54:07 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  01-Dec-1993 1459 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim Reisert AD1C 01-Dec-1993 1459)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 14:54:07 EST
Subject: CT 8.49 on CT BBS *now*
Message-ID: <9312011954.AA02832 at us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

Fixes these two bugs:

1.  Check Partial crashed CT when you typed a "?" anywhere in the callsign

2.  CT gives Zone, QSO points but no country credit to /MM and /AM stations.

BBS # is 508-460-8877.

73 - Jim AD1C

>From David Robbins (KY1H) 413-494-6955(w) 413-655-2714(h) <robbins at guid2.dnet.ge.com>  Wed Dec  1 20:22:29 1993
From: David Robbins (KY1H) 413-494-6955(w) 413-655-2714(h) <robbins at guid2.dnet.ge.com> (David Robbins 413-494-6955 413-655-2714 (KY1H w h))
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 15:22:29 EST
Subject: electronic logs
Message-ID: <9312012016.AA21764 at thomas.ge.com>

my problem with log checking for cqww poses another problem.  i initially 
submitted just a paper log, they eventually asked for a disk some time in the
spring.  when the high claimed scores came out the score was exactly what 
was on my paper log.  when the final results came out the score had been 
reduced by over 25%!  after some investigation it turns out that the final
score results were put together off their disk processing and were not compared
with the original paper log... somewhere in the process the disk file was
corrupted cutting off the last 11 hours or so of the contest.  if the original
submission had been just a disk this might have been noticed in time to get 
a new copy to them after the high claims were published.  also, as long as
both versions of a log are required there should at least be some kind of 
sanity check that they agree.
the ARRL upload procedure is very nice, except for that long welcome 
questioneer on their bbs line... think i will use internet in the future.
73, dave

>From Fred Cady ieefc at msu.oscs.montana.edu" <fred_c at ece.ee.montana.edu  Wed Dec  1 18:40:20 1993
From: Fred Cady ieefc at msu.oscs.montana.edu" <fred_c at ece.ee.montana.edu (Fred Cady ieefc at msu.oscs.montana.edu)
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1993 13:40:20 EST
Subject: PacketCluster 10.135 spots
Message-ID: <009765D8.13F0D280.7536 at ece.ee.montana.edu>

AA6TT Writes:
>Yes, I can monitor 10.135 Packetcluster activing (at times), but it would
>sure be nice to have DX spots from the same time zone or at least from
>somewhere within a thousand mile radius during a contest!

>Is the Denver/Boulder Packetcluster on 10.135 MHz?  I only see VE3CDX and one
>or two other East Coast stations during contest weekends.

I monitored 10.135 for a while getting ready to use it at 4M5I.
KI3V and W6GO spots appear in the evenings plus some other w0's and 
w5 spots.  I filter out the non-close-in spots and stuff them into the
cluster here.  Works slick.

>From Wilbert Knol <wk at frc.maf.govt.nz>  Wed Dec  1 20:33:27 1993
From: Wilbert Knol <wk at frc.maf.govt.nz> (Wilbert Knol)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1993 08:33:27 +1200 (GMT+12:00)
Subject: ZL2K: CQWW-CW '93 results.
Message-ID: <Pine.3.05.9312020827.A17422-b100000 at sam.frc.maf.govt.nz>

                Kiwi Contest Group pre-checked results:
                           CQWW CW 1993
                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993
      Call: ZL2K                     Country:  New Zealand
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Multi
      160       66      171     2.59     16      14
       80      373     1092     2.93     25      45
       40     1455     4305     2.96     31      85
       20      861     2536     2.95     30      97
       15     2310     6843     2.96     32      92
       10      904     2683     2.97     25      50
     Totals   5969    17630     2.95    159     383  =>  9,555,460


The low bands opened this time, taking the score over and above the SSB
results, in spite of the higher bands being well down.

'My' band (15) still produced good piles of JA's and W (mainly west
coast). Interesting how much more well-behaved CW ops are. The Eu's were
marginal on the short path over Asia with lots of multipathing making CW
copy hard at times...particularly on the 40wpm+ merchants who really
managed to shoot themselves in the foot :-)

A good time was had by all, the wx played its part with clear blue skies
and 20 deg C. I managed to replace the gamma match on the unused 10 m beam
outside in the sunshine, whilst others were sweating away in our DX

CT fell over a few times (only the machines that were networked) and had a
few other funnies (autosave did not work) but went well otherwise. Would
be lost without it.

See you next year...

Cheers, Wilbert, ZL2BSJ

Wilbert Knol       MAFFISH Marine  Research,       Wellington,  New Zealand.
Usenet: wk at frc.maf.govt.nz  PACKET:ZL2BSJ at ZL2WA.NZL.OC  AMPR:[]
AX25, NET/ROM, TCP/IP mailbox 146.625  MHz Wellington Data,  144.650 Simplex 

>From Not a paperless office <young at young.enet.dec.com>  Wed Dec  1 22:05:04 1993
From: Not a paperless office <young at young.enet.dec.com> (Not a paperless office)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 17:05:04 EST
Subject: CT and Check Partial
Message-ID: <9312012202.AA13278 at us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

The undocumented switch is -K1XM.  Ken put it in for me because I was
taking a pair of old Toshiba T1000SE notebooks to S79S.  In addition
to changing the supercheck partial behavior it also enables the extra
function keys on an AT-style keyboard.

I don't know if it is broken since I didn't use the notebook this year.

				Paul, K1XM

>From pfd at big.att.com (Peter Driessen)  Wed Dec  1 22:13:57 1993
From: pfd at big.att.com (Peter Driessen) (Peter Driessen)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 17:13:57 EST
Subject: antennas
Message-ID: <9312012213.AA00330 at cue.att.com>

re: choice of antennas for single tower

I am planning a single tower installation
of 110-120 feet (40-50 foot tower on roof of
7 storey concrete building)

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions
you may have on some of my options:

1. Two antennas, one sidemounted with ring rotor

a. choice of 40 meter beam
   I am considering M2 4-el 40 heavy duty version,
   would like more gain than 2-el,
   reluctant to go full size 3-el DX Engineering
   due to size and weight.  
   Which beams work best, and stand up best to wind?
   Have there been any comparison studies of 40m beams?

b. other bands 30-10 meters
   I am considering log periodic, 13 el Mosley or 
   DX Engineering with extra elements to cover 10-30 MHz.
   Other options are 5 banders from Mosley etc.

2. One antenna (saves cost of ring rotor)
   Mosley log periodic 17 el 6-30 MHz or Mosley 96 or?
   Will the LP work as well on 40 as the M2 4-el?

3. Other ideas?

Please reply directly to me, not to the reflector.


Peter Driessen, VE7AB, AI70
pfd at big.att.com

>From David Robbins (KY1H) 413-494-6955(w) 413-655-2714(h) <robbins at guid2.dnet.ge.com>  Thu Dec  2 00:22:43 1993
From: David Robbins (KY1H) 413-494-6955(w) 413-655-2714(h) <robbins at guid2.dnet.ge.com> (David Robbins 413-494-6955 413-655-2714 (KY1H w h))
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 19:22:43 EST
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <9312020022.AA01588 at thomas.ge.com>

this is my wish list i just sent to k1ea.  maybe this will give some
others out there some more ideas, or maybe you will like some of these.
either way, the best way to get new features is to tell ken what
you are looking for... after all, many of us are his customers.
I know AD1C forwards mail to ken, or you can leave messages on the
CT-BBS at 508-460-8877.  most of these relate to multi-multi use of
CT from the CQWW contests.
Thing we would like to see in future from CT:
1. fix the network memory leak again
2. internet bug report address
3. customizable windows.  put in .cfg file the ability to set the
position and sizes of each of the windows.  maybe even colors???
4. being able to lock in a station on a band, or at least to make
it start up on a particular band everytime regardless of what the
radio or log says.
5. being able to set initial window setup... i.e. everytime i start
up i want to see f-10, alt-a, alt-j windows instead of the current
defaults.  including dx spot filter setting.
6. being able to see a single band log at a time.
7. being able to direct alt-g talks to particular band or station
8. being able to see only passes for your band.
9. being able to lock in your freq display in alt-j even when you
have a computer controlled radio.  this is so you can keep a pass
frequency on the screen even when dialing around. 
10. simpler pass entry... option to type in just band name instead
of whole frequency, maybe take freq out of alt-j in those cases.
11. more control of spots.  ability to delete spots out of window,
and keeping spots available after shutdown and startup... in mm
i kept file with running record of spots and recovered last window
full of them on startup.
12. better .opr file... maybe write output every hour plus when
operator changes or band changes?
13. being able to switch on and off the auto stop during f-1
repeat mode without shutting down.
73, dave    robbins at guid2.dnet.ge.com

>From Bob Souza <bob at may18.lkg.dec.com>  Thu Dec  2 00:27:02 1993
From: Bob Souza <bob at may18.lkg.dec.com> (Bob Souza)
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 93 19:27:02 -0500
Subject: we1f cqwwcw score
Message-ID: <9312020027.AA18974 at may18.lkg.dec.com>

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993

      Call: WE1F                     Country:  United States (231)
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Unlimited


      160        3        7     2.33      2       2
       80       65      172     2.65     14      39
       40      114      321     2.82     20      57
       20      404     1157     2.86     28      84
       15      276      800     2.90     28      96
       10       52      130     2.50     19      38

     Totals    914     2587     2.83    111     316  =>  1,104,649

Equipment Description:

TS850, LK500ZA, A4 @ 70', 80m top-loaded delta loop, 160m quarter sloper

21 hours.

>From Daniel R. Violette" <Daniel_R._Violette at smtpgty.anatcp.rockwell.com  Thu Dec  2 00:43:11 1993
From: Daniel R. Violette" <Daniel_R._Violette at smtpgty.anatcp.rockwell.com (Daniel R. Violette)
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 93 16:43:11 PST
Subject: RF Quiet Computer Monitors?
Message-ID: <9311017547.AA754792991 at smtpgty.anatcp.rockwell.com>

     Getting a new system (finally going to retire the XT) and have not 
     been able to get good advice on RF quiet monitors.  Know that choking 
     the power/video lines works for that, but I am concerned about right 
     out of the chassis.  A friend has a Shamrock (the cheapy going with 
     most systems here) and it radiated right through the case.  Any help 
     would be appreciated.
     73/Dan KI6X

>From aa2du at attmail.com (J P Kleinhaus )  Thu Dec  2 00:56:04 1993
From: aa2du at attmail.com (J P Kleinhaus ) (J P Kleinhaus )
Date: 2 Dec 93 00:56:04 GMT
Subject: CQWW and X5..what gives?

I find it very interesting that CQ contest committee refuses to give contest
credit for X5 stations.  They claim that since it is not an officially
licensed station(s), it is invalid.  They (CQ) have already set a different
precedent with their CQ DX Honor Roll.  They accept cards for credit from
stations such as S21NQ in Bangladesh, XZ9A in Myanmar etc.  Both of these
stations never had any official licenses from the governments of the countries
in which they were operating.  Why is this same logic not applied to the DX contest
criteria??  Inquiring minds want to know.

73 de J.P. AA2DU
ARRL Hudson Division CAC Representative

PS. I am not suggesting that they count as credit for a new country multiplier
but only that they should count for QSO and Zone credit.  The country should count
for Bosnia. After all, the Serbs control about 80% of the land mass there anyway.

>From Takao Kumagai <je1cka at asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp>  Thu Dec  2 10:08:00 1993
From: Takao Kumagai <je1cka at asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp> (Takao Kumagai)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 10:08:00 JST
Message-ID: <9312020108.AA22258 at asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp>

The following scores will be corrected later.


      160      288      825     2.86     21      28
       80     1155     3403     2.95     29      77
       40     1982     5861     2.96     36     118
       20     2823     8358     2.96     40     130
       15     2372     7016     2.96     38     120
       10     1102     3225     2.93     34      81
     Totals   9722    28688     2.95    198     554  =>  21,573,376

No big troubles during the test.
HF packet between KH0/JA worked great, gave us many many multi.

Other competitors in M/M?(I guess EA9EO?)


>From Jim Reisert AD1C  01-Dec-1993 2102 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Thu Dec  2 01:57:28 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  01-Dec-1993 2102 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim Reisert AD1C 01-Dec-1993 2102)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 20:57:28 EST
Subject: VE9 Zone and CT versions earlier than 8.43
Message-ID: <9312020157.AA27207 at us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

Peter Jenning (AB6WM VE3SUN C31LJ V31UN G0RZJ) wrote to me:
> I am having a problem with the exception zones not displaying properly.
> Is this a known bug in 8.28? Some work fine, some don't. CH9 shows z 1.
> Your file contains the corrections, they just don't pop up right with
> F10.

I thought the answer was interesting enough to share, since it was one of
those "oh, now I remember" kinds of discoveries.

In versions of CT prior to 8.43, there was a bug that you could not override
the zone of certain countries that Ken has hard-coded into CT.  These
special countries are BY, K, UA9, VE and VK.  They are hard-coded into CT
because they span multiple zones and it is easier to special-case them in
software than to make complicated CTY file entries for them.  This is why,
for example, all those VE2 stations you worked in Zone 2 show up in the .ZON
file, even though they're listed as Zone 2 in the CTY file.

So if you find that the Canadian zone overrides don't work, now you know

73 - Jim AD1C

>From Ward Silver <hwardsil at seattleu.edu>  Thu Dec  2 02:58:59 1993
From: Ward Silver <hwardsil at seattleu.edu> (Ward Silver)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 18:58:59 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Subject: Contest entries
Message-ID: <Pine.3.03.9312011854.A12104-9100000 at sumax.seattleu.edu>

A cheaper way to get confirmation (including other things like receipt of
resumes, etc.) is to just put a 19-cent self-addressed postcard in the
package with some statement like "Contest XXX logs received on date _____".
Works everytime I've used it, and cheaper than registered mail, plus no
extra trip to P.O.
73, Ward N0AX

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at world.std.com>  Thu Dec  2 04:27:20 1993
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at world.std.com> (Randy A Thompson)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 23:27:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: K5ZD coming to EWA/WWA
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9312012320.A9184-0100000 at world.std.com>

I will be in Pascoe, WA on Dec 13/14 and in Seattle on Dec 15/16.  What 
is there to do in these never before visited towns?


>From Doug Grant <0006008716 at mcimail.com>  Thu Dec  2 04:17:00 1993
From: Doug Grant <0006008716 at mcimail.com> (Doug Grant)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 23:17 EST
Subject: CQWW CW Scores
Message-ID: <94931202041749/0006008716NA4EM at mcimail.com>

Sorry for the long delay getting these posted...been real busy at work...

will add in the new scores this weekend.


CQ WW DX CW Score Rumors

taken on 3.830 by WZ1R.

Single-Operator (No Packet)

K1KI    2927-153-523    5.7  M

K5ZD    3043-146-485    5.6  M

N2NT    2759-155-480    5.01 M

K3ZO    2750-161-478    5.0  M

N6BV    3074-135-430    4.94 M

K4VX    2065-167-490    3.8  M WX3N op.

KT3Y    2263-140-427    3.7  M

K5GN    2204-160-433    3.5  M

N5RZ    2137-152-411    3.3  M

W1WEF   1990-??8-406    3.0  M

K8GL    1654-148-462    2.86 M

W6EEN   2068-141-313    2.42 M

W2HPF   1554-125-377    2.2  M

NN7L    1377-146-???    1.77 M

N1CC     965-107-310    1.13 M

WB5VZL  1148-117-251    1    M

DX Single-Operator

VP5RX                   5.1  M K1RX op.

CH2ZP   2317-122-336    2.6  M VE2ZP op.

KV0Q     192- 21- 43     32  K 160M

W9LT     598- 29- 98    204  K  80M

W8UVZ    472- 34-102    175  K  80M

N4CC     410- 29- 93    140  K  80M

WA4PGM   307- 30- 96            80M

W1RR    1433- 36-142    727  K  40M

N6RO    1147- 39-118    512  K  40M

KH2F    1147- 38-132            40M

K4JPD    728- 38-143    380  K  40M 

KM1H    1956- 39-143    1.01 M  20M KQ2M op.

KP2A    2681- 32-112    958  K  15M KW8N op.

K1ZZ    1210- 35-133    574  K  15M

WZ3Q    1003- 34-112    413  K  15M

W6QHS    759- 33-102            15M

K2MT     667- 32-127    303  K  15M

Single-Operator Low Power (No Packet/150W)

K2ZJ    1292-137-416    2.03 M

K2SG    1581-108-325    1.97 M

KC1SJ   1101-121-353    1.4  M

WS1E     924-110-324    1.26 M

N8II     770- 30-144    323  K  15M

Single-Operator QRP (No Packet/ 5W)

K1CGJ    595- 88-252    557  K

KA1CZF   436- 73-196    316  K

Single-Operator Assisted

K3WW    2535-160-547    5.12 M

K1DG    2307-157-551    4.6  M

K5NA    2129-168-582    4.57 M

AA2DU   1989-139-484    3.54 M @ K1VR

K2WK    1703-151-505    3.18 M

KC1F    1787-137-480    3.18 M

K2ONP   1070-122-368    1.47 M

K8JP     915-139-397    1.3  M

WE1F     915-111-316    1.1  M

KF2O     580-136-378    815  K

DX  S/O/Assisted 

VE3EJ   3232-173-592    6.2  M


KC1XX   3391-177-643    7.99 M

K1TR    3235-173-617    7.4  M

K8AZ    3116-175-622    7.13 M

K2WI    2739-171-616    6.1  M

WD8LLD  2122-170-570    4.38 M

KS9K    2144-166-546    4.16 M

K9KDX   1769-160-516    3.34 M

K8LX    1660-156-476    2.9  M

K9UWA                   2.6  M

WX0B    1802-152-395    2.45 M

K2QMF                   2.14 M

K3DI    1220-122-405    1.8  M

WE1B                    804  K


DX  Multi-Single

J6DX    7338-159-528   12.1  M

VP9AD   6113-152-507    9.8  M

VP9MZ                   3.09 M


W3LPL   6417-188-706   16    M

K1AR    5798-198-720   15.4  M

N2RM    5716-186-699   14.2  M Lost A.C. Power for 4Hrs!

K3LR    5222-190-702   13.2  M

KY1H    4192-174-627    9.03 M


>From Tim Totten <kj4vh at coplex.com>  Thu Dec  2 04:58:32 1993
From: Tim Totten <kj4vh at coplex.com> (Tim Totten)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 23:58:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Tnx Ken!
Message-ID: <Pine.3.88.9312012355.C504-0100000 at coplex>

Kudos to K1EA for jumping on the /MM bug with release 8.49!  I just did 
some testing with it, and it appears to have licked all the problems with 
counting the multipliers correctly.  It still assigns QSO points based on 
the home country (I still get zero points for AA5DX/MM), but this can be 
rather easily corrected by editing the ASCII log.  At least now I don't 
have to change the callsign to try to "trick" the .BIN file!
Tnx Ken!
73, Tim
  Tim Totten, KJ4VH     Home tel +1-502-239-6486  
  kj4vh at coplex.com      Home fax +1-502-239-7766  
              Kentucky Contest Group

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