The Great Colorado Shootout, K0RF vs. AA6TT

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Thu Dec 2 16:10:34 EST 1993

Well, that was quite a shoot off, indeed. 

However, if K0RF's station is in any way a "David," most of us are mere
ants in the garden of life!

73--Jim, K6ZH

>From georgen at (George Noyes x5698)  Fri Dec  3 00:40:23 1993
From: georgen at (George Noyes x5698) (George Noyes x5698)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 17:40:23 MST
Subject: cqww and ss ssb, W1XE/W0KEA
Message-ID: <9312030040.AA27573 at>

I've been out of reach of the reflector for the last week so here's 
a two contest update:

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Station:  W1XE       Section:  Colorado      Class:   B
Op 24 Hrs,   Operator, W1XE, George
Location: Aspen Contest Station, Near Aspen, CO

Results:   1550 Qs x 77 Sections (Sweep)  ==>   238,700 points
(Raw score)

Comments:  10m stunk, but did at least get a few hrs on 10m
           Lots of VYs....
           Had to run "B" just to keep the shack warm...:-)
           Regrets: again not comming in top in CO
           (hey, its tough out here)



Station: W0KEA  (Ops: W0KEA, W1XE, K0KR, W0UO)
Class: Multi-Single 
Location: Aspen Contest Station, Near Aspen, CO


Band		Qs 	Z	C

160		 20	11	16
 80		105	25	54
 40		536	34     101
 20		515	36     109
 15		349	30	90
 10		 67	23	46
               1592    159     416     Est:  2.4 Million

Comments:  Terrible 10m conditions
           Certainly marginal conditions to Europe
           Challenging times to get to the site... (a bit o' snow)
           40m is considered to be our weakest station setup, guess
                 which station we needed this year......
           One computer died 1 hr before contest (instant fix time...)
           Lost one antenna tuner at 20 hrs (40m of course).
           Last equipment installed 5 min before beginning of contest..
           Wx:  12" snow, -10 degrees (Friday Morning)
           Good news: Phil won the toss and now needs to get more QSL cards...
           Yup, we had fun!  (oh Ya, no smoke.... :-)
Additionally, one spot in the road to the contest site has now been
           dubbed "George's trench...."

Most importantly: imported the CO op who beat me in SS the weekend before...

73 de George, W1XE (/0)   "That's Colorado, NOT Connecticut!"    
email: georgen at

>From aa2du at (J P Kleinhaus )  Fri Dec  3 00:48:41 1993
From: aa2du at (J P Kleinhaus ) (J P Kleinhaus )
Date: 3 Dec 93 00:48:41 GMT
Subject: More on X5

Hi Dave, thanks for the note.  Nice to hear you on this past weekend.
As far as I can tell, the committee has disallowed X5 for QSO, Country,
and Zone credit because they say they are basically unlicensed.  They
claim they are nothing more than glorified CB operators.
        The stations claim they are licensed by the Republic of Serbs,
an enclave within Bosnia-Herzegovina.  My point is only this: there is
no dispute as to where they are operating from, so why not give them
QSO and Zone credit if not Country credit.  You could even make them
count for YU without stretching too much.
        CQ Magazine has already shown that you don't have to be licensed
to have your card count towards one of their awards.  Specifically, I am
referring to 1Z9A (correct call finally) and S21NQ.  Neither of these
stations was ever licensed by the government of the host countries.
With this logic already in place, it seems to me that counting X5 is not
hard to allow.
        I certainly don't wish to criticize the contest committee because
they do a very good job with a very difficult situation.  I am just
curious as to how they determined that X5 is not good for anything.

73 de J.P. AA2DU
ARRL Hudson Division CAC Rep.

aa2du at

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