160 Scores

km9p at aol.com km9p at aol.com
Sun Dec 5 13:26:13 EST 1993

Sorry for sending this to all of you... Who is taking scores on this
frequency?  At least I can be heard here I guess...

K4JPD M/S 160 Score from SE Packet system:
1219 QSO's X  21 Countries X 74 Sections.

AB4RU M/S 160 best guess (This is my estimation)
1325 QSO's X 30 Countries X 77 Sections

>From n7stu at thetech.com (Robert Brown)  Sun Dec  5 19:58:12 1993
From: n7stu at thetech.com (Robert Brown) (Robert Brown)
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 93 11:58:12 PST
Subject: ARRL 160m Contest
Message-ID: <PBP4Dc1w165w at thetech.com>

The ARRL can do a lot to encourage international interest in the 160M 
contest by just deleting the sentance in the rules "DX-to-dx QSO's are 
not permitted for contest credit".  What is my incentive if I have a 
marginal station (able to work Asia/Oceania/Africa) but have no real 
hopes of working the states on 160, to bother and stay up and work this 
contest?  I would rather just wait for the CQ contest instead.

73, Robert N7STU/YB2ARO (will be on for CQ 160M test from YB in 94).

n7stu at thetech.com (Robert Brown)
The Tech BBS (408) 279-7199 San Jose, CA

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