ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Thu Dec 9 18:55:17 EST 1993

Just a reminder, the 10 Meter contest is this weekend, beginning at 0000Z
Saturday and lasting 48 hours. In this contest, US can work US, so don't
hesitate to get on and active just because 10 has not afforded much DX
lately. There will be folks from all over looking for any and every QSO
on both modes. It is often surprising what some extra activity can do
for "apparent conditions". There has been increasing evidence over the last
few years that there may be many more openings on high bands like 10 and 6
Meters than was previously believed. Activity is the key to exploiting these
openings! Yes, this is a somewhat self-serving notice, but if you get on,
you'll have fun too, and probably help out several of us 10 Meter headbangers.

I look forward to working you on 10 this weekend from W7RM in SW Washington.
73, Mike
Michael R. Conatore
(503) 294-6769
mconator at
IBM Oregon Trading Area
1211 S. W. Fifth Avenue Suite 1000  Portland, Oregon 97204

>From Ward Silver <hwardsil at>  Fri Dec 10 04:10:01 1993
From: Ward Silver <hwardsil at> (Ward Silver)
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1993 20:10:01 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CQWW M/S Rules
Message-ID: <Pine.3.03.9312092057.A31866-8100000 at>

Re: N2IC's last can the run and mult station be totally
independent.  One output signal at a time would seem to link them pretty
tightly.  I probably misunderstood the point.
Ward, N0AX

>From XMSJ29A at (MR JAMES A WHITE)  Fri Dec 10 04:21:14 1993
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1993 23:21:14 EST
Subject: WW multi-single rules
Message-ID: <025.00120250.XMSJ29A at>

The multisingle category which was initially two guys sharing one rx/tx
grew into any number of guys with spotting aids sharing any number of rigs
during the 70s/80s...whilst it was not quite what the original view of the
category was, it was something guys liked to do/did/and hence was a good
thing for the contest...bottom line always is:  the more hams are active,
the more successful the contest!

With a lot of guys QRV to TX (it ain't the olde one bug on the table !) the
opportunity for actually being a multi-multi can you discern
the two? Number of signals on the air at any one time must be one! It is
the only way...the wishy washy rubbery clock that says you were already on
that new band for 9 minutes or 8 minutes or 7 minutes or...just won't work.
And due to K5RC and K5LZO among others, an octopus is a workable
device-but-crosses the semi visable line of what the rules intend as to
simultaneous occupancy of two bands.

How can you possibly enforce what is going on as far as receive? Never can
it be done (maybe our interfaced pentiums will have all those details in CT
Version 42.1, but)...our only enforcable ablity to see what someone did is
from the other end-hence the only way to enforce-hence the only way to
create the rule is: work it backwards from provable information.

More than one Multi-single log has been "crunched" after a contest so that
the 10 minute rule "fits" the log...actually so the submitted log fits the
rule in the end...but is it ethically right?


 Life is full of situations where one knows what is right, professes to do
what is right...but...sometimes does that which he knows he can get away any kids?

We all know whats been goin down, and I hope most of us do not go into the
contest looking to bend the rules frequently, though some know they can use
the inability of the checkers to know what really went down when they
"have" to. "After all, thats what WB3XYZ does throughout the entire
contest, right?" "I just needed to fit the 3B8 mult on 20 into my log
without losing 5T5 on 15."

Are you doing something wrong because you can get away with it?

Well, if the only thing that can be enforced is the presence of a signal
when a QSO is made, why shouldn't I guide myself by that? Maybe because you
KNOW that was not the intention of the contest's founders. Sound corny?
Think of how you feel when you win without guilt...and how you feel when
you know you might get caught for something you did last Winter and you
wait for the magazine to come...will your call be in the little box OR in
the little print at the end. Oh yeah, remember about that if you walk the
hospitality suites at Stouffers and you hear the whispers after you walk
past a group of contesters.

Some of this may seem like poop. I hope not, though...I love winning, but I
am not going to settle for anything less than the full rush because I
compromised my entry in any it rubber clocking, running smoke, or
fudging my log...its just too much fun winning without it! Win because you
did the most the best.

73-Seasons Greetings to all fellow contesters.  Jim K1ZX

>From Tim Totten <kj4vh at>  Fri Dec 10 04:39:38 1993
From: Tim Totten <kj4vh at> (Tim Totten)
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1993 23:39:38 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CQWW M/S Rules
Message-ID: <Pine.3.88.9312092326.D19219-0100000 at coplex>

On Thu, 9 Dec 1993, Ward Silver wrote:

> Re: N2IC's last can the run and mult station be totally
> independent.  One output signal at a time would seem to link them pretty
> tightly.  I probably misunderstood the point.
> Ward, N0AX

Hi Ward!
I think maybe you're confusing ARRL multi-one with CQ WW multi-single.  
They are quite different animals.  I have always shared N2IC's and K5ZD's 
interpretations for CQ WW M/S, and I think they are within both the 
spirit and the letter of the rules.  In CQ WW, you are NOT limited to one 
output signal at a time.  While the run station is working away, 
hopefully at a frantic pace, you are perfectly free to call and work any 
new mults on a second band.

In reality, "multi-opertor, single transmitter" is a terrible 
misnomer--there's no way to do it competitively with less than two 
transmitters operating simultaneously!  I would be interested to hear from
some OTs, but I suspect they might have kept the name from previous years 
when the rule was different.
Anyway, I've done several M/S efforts in CQ WW, and I REALLY enjoy that 
category just the way it is.  I would be opposed to any move to restrict 
it to just one transmitted signal. 

73, Tim

  Tim Totten, KJ4VH     Home tel +1-502-239-6486  
  kj4vh at      Home fax +1-502-239-7766  
              Kentucky Contest Group

>From Scott A Stembaugh <n9ljx at>  Fri Dec 10 06:46:06 1993
From: Scott A Stembaugh <n9ljx at> (Scott A Stembaugh)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 93 01:46:06 -0500
Subject: Multi-Single
Message-ID: <9312100646.AA08429 at>

	One area that has not been touched in this disussion is the
	possibility of (gasp) more CATAGORIES. We are attempting to get some
	contest interest in our local area, but we all lack the funds to put
	together a big-gun station.  As we are building experiance it would
	be nice to have a catagory in which we could be competetive. A M/S
	entry could run from 2 ops with 1 rig to  a dozen ops running 3 or 4 rigs  (run
	station on 20, and a mult station on 10 and 15. As long as the mult
	stations communicate well there would be no problem with the 10
	minute rule. As I interpret the Single Op catagory it is just
	that..ONE op during the complete test. No releif ops or shift work.
	For small groups trying to develope it can be frustrating.

	The catagroies I would suggest are : MultiOp/One rig single band,
	MultiOp/One signal all band. I would leave the current M/S as is
	since it is a competitive catagory.

	The idea is to have someplace for the Davids to duke it out while
	they work on being Goliliths.

	For now, we have our goals set for February and the wire and aluminum
	is ready. Still have to work on adjusting sleeping habits and then
	getting them back to normal come Monday!

vy 73,
--scott N9LJX (WV9Y op)

>From Dieter Dippel" <UNRZ45 at  Fri Dec 10 08:48:29 1993
From: Dieter Dippel" <UNRZ45 at (Dieter Dippel)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1993 08:48:29 MET
Subject: Bavarian Contest Club Meeting
Message-ID: <14857C467FE at>

CONTEST @EU      de:DK2OY  07.12.93 22:31  30   1766 Bytes
BCC Treffen/Meeting

*      Dreikoenigstreffen des Bavarian Contest Clubs        *

Auch 1994 gibt es wieder das jetzt schon traditionelle
Dreikoenigstreffen des BCCs.
Die Veranstaltung findet am Samstag den 8. Januar 1994 
ab ca. 12.00 Uhr im Hotel Linden bei Landshut statt.
Im Hotel gibt es Uebernachtungsmoeglichkeiten.
Zimmerreservierungen direkt an Hotel Linden (Familie Wiesinger)
wird noch zusammengestellt
Vorschlaege werden gerne entgegengenommen

eingegeben von DK2OY fuer DF7RX

*      Yearly Meeting of the Bavarian Contest Clubs        *

Also 1994 the traditional meeting of the Bavarian Contest Club (B.C.C.)
will take place in Landshut near Munich/Bavaria.
We will meet on Saturday January 8th, 1994 
We will start at 12.00 Local time in the "Hotel Linden" very close 
to Landshut. Landshut is situated 60 km northeast of Munich.
In this hotel bed and breakfast is available.
Reservation direct to "Hotel Linden (Family Wiesinger) (49-8704/8356)
schedule: we are working on this iten
proposals are welcome

distributed by DK2OY on behalf of DF7RX 


>From Dieter Dippel" <UNRZ45 at  Fri Dec 10 09:02:01 1993
From: Dieter Dippel" <UNRZ45 at (Dieter Dippel)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1993 09:02:01 MET
Message-ID: <14891744703 at>

Hello dear contester es dxer,

this is a collection of forwarded packet radio mails. 
It contains infos of qsl-managers about the past CQWWDX-CONTESTS.

Please DON'T send any kind of corrections to me, because I'm
NOT the publisher of these infos. Send all the mail to the the publishers
CT1XK and IK2IQD via PR.

73 es hpe cuagn de Dieter, DF4RD

DXNEWS @WW       de:CT1XK  08.12.93 16:54  30   2291 Bytes
4S0DX      DL4EBE             HD3W        HC3AP              V29Z      WT3Q   
4U1VIC     DL1QQ              HS0AC       HS1HSJ             V31DX     KA6V
5Z4BI      W4FRU              HS1BV       W3HCW              V47KP     K2DOX
6V6U       K3IPK              HT1T        SM0KCR             V47NS     W9NSZ
7J1AOE     K3DI               IB0C        IK0AZC             V7X       KH6HH
7Q7ZZ      JA1UMN             II2M        IK2SGC             VK9LI     N6AA
8R1K       OH1VL              II6I        IK6GZM             VP2EJ     N6ZJM?
9A4D       9A1HCD             IO2A        IK2RZP             VP2ERN    WB6CJE
9M8R       W7EJ               J73K        W8KKF              VP2MBK    K8UE
9Y4H       K6NA               K8SCH/4     N8FU               VP2MBX    K8UE

DXNEWS @WW       de:CT1XK  08.12.93 16:54  30   2278 Bytes
9Y4VU      W3EVW             L5V      LU8VCC             VP2MEU       K8UE
A61AD      WB2DND            LT5F     LU1FC              VP2V/WA2TMP  AB4JI
AH0K       AH0K              LZ9A     LZ2KTS             VP2V/WA4DPU  AB4JI
AH9B/VO2   OKDXA             NP2V     WB4FLB             VP2VFP       AB4JI
C51A       W3HNK             OH0DX    OH2BAD             VP2VR        AB4JI
C56V       KD7E              OJ0/OH0M OH1NOA             VP5/NO4J     K4UTE
C6AFP      N4JQQ             OT3T     ON4UN              VP5L         K4UTE
C6AFT      AA5NT             P40C     AA2U               VP5N         N2VW
CH2SEX     VE2ZV             P40L     N5RZ               VQ9KC        AA7AN
CH9DH      VE1DH             P40W     N2MM               VS6WO        K9EC

DXNEWS @WW       de:IK2IQD 08.12.93 22:29  30   7911 Bytes

To  : DXNEWS at WW

      ZL7FD   DK8FD          KI7AM/DU8   VE3XN         PJ9Y   OH3GZ   
      PJ8Y    OH3GZ          FH/DL9AWI   DL9AWI        P40W   N2RR
      C91J    W8GIO          VK9LR/5     K6VNX         H44/JA6SJN  JA6SJN 
      EL2PP   I8NHJ          ZA2A        OH3GZ         H44/JA8VE   JA8VE
      7Q7OO   K6VNX          EA8EA       OH2MM         LX4B   OH2PQ
      OI5AY   OH5LLR         V31K        W5ASP         V31KF   W5ASP
      L3D     LU6DTS         PJ8AB       K1NA          H44/7N1QAP  7M1QAP
      P40I    OH2KI          AH0K        JF2PZH        A22MN   OH7XM
      4M5I    I2CBM          S21SAE      PA0EQ         T32BE   WC5P
      VP2ETQ  AA7MH          3D2ID       JE1XXG        3D2HI   JA1JKW
      4F2IR   DU3DO          FS/W2QM     W2QM          8R1K    OH0XX/W4
      ZD8Z    VE3HO          3D2SH      JA1JQY         3D2SG   JA6SJN  
      3D2KZ   JA8VE          3D2HK      JR1LVB         3D2MU   7M1QAP
      GD4UOL  G4UOL          IR6L       I6FLD          ZD8VJ   G4ZVJ 
      RX4ASK  UZ4AWE         T9/PA3DZN  PA3DLM         H44/JA1JQY  JA1JQY  
      TU5DX   F6ELE          C50BI      6W6JX          FH/DL5XU   DL5XU   
      PY0FM   CT1AHU         S79TD      F6ITD          P29KOQ   VK4WID
      L4D     LU1EYW         5N0ESA     HB9CGB         KC6OM   JK1QHK
      V63YI/T  JA3IG         5N0BHF     OE6LAG         TT8OBO   WA4OBO
      VP2E/N4CD N4CD         9D2UU      LZ2UU          5N0MVE   ON7LX 
      SV/WY3V  WB2RQW        ZC4JB      G0JYL          OD5/SM0THK  SM1CNS
      ZD8M    G3UOF          PJ9O       OH4OO          PJ9E    OH5BM
      JW4X    LA5NM          4O9S       YU7KMN         H44/JA1KJW  JA1KJW
      T99Z    9A2NR          7X4AN      DJ2BW          H44/JR1LVB  JR1LVB
      VP2E/N2TPH N4CD        CQ8C       CT1EGW         H44/JE1XXG  JE1XXG
      T9/OH6XY OH3GZ         KH4/N7TNL  W1OO           H44/JF1UGA  JF1UGA
      V73UF   G4IUF          FJ/F6DXB   F6DXF          FJ/F6HWU   F6HWU
      T94ON   DL8OBC         VK9XN      W5KNE          VK9XO   VK4CRR
      FK8GJ   F6CXJ          S21SEA     JA0AD          VP9/WA2MEQ  WA2MEQ
      VQ9KC   AA7AN          HH2LQ      KM6ON          VP9/WA2MEX  WA2MEX
      HK0OEP   HK0NZY        VP9MZ     WB2YQH          PJ2/OH6XY  OH3GZ
      TL8DX   4Z4DX          V47KP     K2DOX           PJ7/F6HWU  F6HWU
      PY0F    CT1BOH         V31YZ     W5YZ            4K2MAL  UA4RC
      AP2SP   DL3KWR         VK8SD     K1SE            UH8EA   W5BWA
      7Z2AB   K1SE           VR6BB     JF2KOZ          PJ7/F6DXB  F6DXB
      VI9XN   W5KNE          VR6JJ     JF2KOZ          ZF2VP  KC7V
      ZF2TU   N7BG           FT5YE     F1AAS           J68AS  N9AG
      4J0GAT  DL1VJ          C6/N4RP   N4RP            KC6SH  JH1QHK
      A41KB   ON6BY          ZB2X      OH2KI           VP9/K8PYD  K8PYD
      PZ5JR   K3BYV          JY5DK     ON6BY           VP9/WB8YJF WB8YJF
      TZ6FIC  F6KEQ          A45ZW     K1SE            EW/R3AW  UC2SF     
      JY8BY   ON6BY          9K2HA     ON6BY           5R8DS   F6FNU
      J28BM   K1SE           UJ8JMM    DL8WN           PI4COM  PA3CAL
      TL8NG  WA1ECA          J68AR     K9BQL           6W6/K3IPK  K3IPK  
      TI1C   TI2CF           NP4Z      WC4E            6V6U   K3IPK
      J68AG  WB9IXE          9A1A      9A2AJ           9A5Y  9A1CCY
      9J2BO  W6ORD           EX8F     UM8MT            RM8MW  DL6ZFG
      TI4CF  N6TR            ZF2VY    K7GE             5R8KH  WB8LFO
      CR3W   DL4EBE          CR3DIG   DL1EK            9M2QQ  DF5UG
      T92A   S57MX           FG5BG    KD6WW            9Y4H   K6NA
      XU7VK  HA0HW           JW5NM    LA5NM            VS6WO   K9EC
      S01MZ  EA2JG           DH9KH/S0  DH9KH           UN7PIK  UL8PC
      UN6P   RL8PY           P29DK   N4EOF             FY5FP   ON4ZD
      HZ1HZ  N7RO            J6DX    N9AG              ZA/OK2PSZ  OK2PSZ
      3D2MQ  IV3DHD          5Z4FU/P  DL8AAM           ET3TI  OH5MVT
      JY8VJ  DL1VJ           5X1F   WB1DQC             ED6XXX  N6RA
      UI0A   G3LZK           C91BH  SM6CTQ             EF5CQI  EA5OL
      ZS50IY ZS6BHF          KP2A  N6CW                XE1/AA6RX AA6RX
      TM6AR  F6KDF           IQ4A  I4LCK               FH/F5NCU F5NZD
      4K1F  EA8BGY           T95X  9A2AA               OJ0/OH1VR OH1VR
      HT1T  SM0KCR           D2EGH CT1EGH              VI7STA VK7NBF
      JW8XM LA8XM            HV4NAC IK0FVC             HS0AC  HS1HSJ
      EA9EO EA7LQ            9A7A  YU2HDE              A71CW  SP5EXA
      5Z4JD F6AJA            HZ1AB K8PYD               EA1DFP/P EA5OL
      ED7TFT EA7OH           TJ1IJ DJ5IO               4U/SM1TDE SM1TDE      
      LY7A  LY2ZO            ZP0Y ZP5JCY               OJ0/OH2BBF OH2BBF
      UW0F DK4VW             9Y4VU W3EVW               US0Q  RB5QW  
      XT2BW WB2YQH           P40J  K4PI                XX9AS  KU9C
      C93BM I3QAI            R6L  UZ6LWZ               9K2GS  WB6JMS 
      KG4HG WD9APE           4S7DA W3HNK               OH2X   OH2AM 
      OY2H  I0WDX            ZF2VY K7GE                D68AS/M DJ5RT
      CH9NH VE1NH            VP5RX K1RX                VP5P WB3DNA 
      HV3SJ I0DUD            3X0DEX HH2HM/F            L40A  LU4AA
      7Q7XX JH3RRA           UN7TX  UL7TX              CH2ZP  VE2ZP 
      UT6Q  RB5QF            IQ2A  I2UIY               IY0A  IK0USA
      TY8OBO WA4OBO          HL93AP HL5AP              TA3DS WA3HUP
      XX9AS  KU9C            7X2CR  IS0LYN             TJ1AL I2EOW             S IA MY SUPPORT BBS
      CW5W  CX7BY            4L8A   OZ1HPS             V21ZL  W2HWS  
      VK9XO VK4CRR           IU2X  IK2GSN              4U1ITU  DL5XX
      PY0F  CT1BOH           S21ZG W4FRU               KG4DX  K0EIA
      IR0A IK0QDB            PA3CXC/ST0 KC4MJ          CY0SAB  VE1CBK 
      A35VH IV3UHL           RN8A  DL5DSM              RA9K/RK1NWD DL5DSM
      6O6HCC RA6HCC          4K3/RN8A DL5DSM           5H0/5H3RW DJ5RT
      9N1HP JA1OEM           IB0R IW0BET               3X0DEX FD1RUQ
      UW2F  DK4VW            OX3DU OZ1DKU


>From rklein at (Ronald D. Klein)  Fri Dec 10 13:53:32 1993
From: rklein at (Ronald D. Klein) (Ronald D. Klein)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 93 6:53:32 MST
Subject: E-mail to ARRL
Message-ID: <9312101353.AA23109 at>

I sent my ARRL SS Phone entry to the league by Internet a few days ago and 
have not received an ack in reply. When I attempted to followup to Billy Lunt 
to see if it was received, that message is getting bounced. I get a note back 
from some server that says it is rejected due to too many hops.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I'd like to at least be sure that 
the entry is in their hands. It's hardly a top score, but that doesn't matter.

Perhaps this explains why I appear to have previously had stuff to the league 
go on the floor somewhere.

73, Ron - W0OSK

>From Not a paperless office <young at>  Fri Dec 10 14:35:21 1993
From: Not a paperless office <young at> (Not a paperless office)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 93 09:35:21 EST
Subject: WW multi-single rules
Message-ID: <9312101414.AA16731 at>

I've operated my share of CQ WW CW contests in the multi-single category.

We have almost always had a second station hunting multipliers.  Usually it
has been an inferior station, having a  lesser radio, no amplifier, or no CW
filters, but occasionally it has been the same quality as the main station.

We use the second interpretation, that is that receiving counts as part of
the 10 minutes on a band.  If you are outside of the US/Carribean/West Africa
area the multiplier station can go much longer than 10 minutes before it
finds something new.  There were times this year where the multiplier
station hunted for an hour without finding anything to work.  Or it may
call for a long time, being unable to break a US, Europe, or JA pile-up to
the desired station.

Tightening the rules would only make it more difficult for the multiplier
station operator to stay awake.  The big stations which win now would still
				Paul, K1XM

HS0AC(93), S79S(92), A35MX(91), ZF2PR(90), KC6AA(89), PJ2X(88,87), HC8A(86) 

>From Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM>  Fri Dec 10 15:19:14 1993
From: Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM> (Trey Garlough)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1993 07:19:14 -0800 (PST)
Subject: E-mail to ARRL
Message-ID: <755536754.837152.GARLOUGH at TGV.COM>

> I sent my ARRL SS Phone entry to the league by Internet a few days ago and 
> have not received an ack in reply. When I attempted to followup to Billy Lunt 
> to see if it was received, that message is getting bounced. I get a note back 
> from some server that says it is rejected due to too many hops.
> Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I'd like to at least be sure that 
> the entry is in their hands. It's hardly a top score, but that doesn't matter.

I had similar trouble getting a message into the League yesterday.  I got
a nastygram from PSI complaining about too many hops.  It looked like an
internal problem to PSI.  It's certainly transient, so keep trying.

--Trey, WN4KKN/6

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