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smithb at smithb at
Fri Dec 10 21:27:00 EST 1993

ARRL Log submissions.  My hat is off to Billy Lunt!  He was
very tolerant, patient and responsive during repeated attempts
to get my logs there in a useful format.  It works.

Part time contesting query.  As far as I remember, nothing
was decided.  I contest part time - goal do beter than last
time?! Hold my own?!  Feel good when it is over.  Tough to
contest from a compressed city lot in the low power class,
but each contest is FUN.

See ya in the 10M test.  Let's create some ionization!!!

73 de Bob

>From rklein at (Ronald D. Klein)  Sat Dec 11 04:26:51 1993
From: rklein at (Ronald D. Klein) (Ronald D. Klein)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 93 21:26:51 MST
Subject: ARRL and Internet
Message-ID: <9312110426.AA38326 at>

To the many who responded to my post in which I queried whether links to ARRL 
where working... thanks for the replies - I was flooded. To those whoe seemed 
to think I was bashing the league... don't know how you read that into what I 
thought was an innocuous post, but I was NOT bashing the league!

I've since received a reply from Billy and all is well... but their Internet 
connection did have a problem for a while.

Ron - W0OSK

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