Gifilter Fix

rkaufmn at CC.UManitoba.CA rkaufmn at CC.UManitoba.CA
Sat Dec 11 19:53:30 EST 1993

Ve4GH is still bugging me for the "GHfilter fix" for his Icom 751/CT problem.
As you recall , when he puts the Program into CW mode, the 500 hz filter 
(unknown IF) is used at the audio is muted /lost. He is looking to find the
exact type of filter which CT is looking for. Any help would be appreciated.
Personally I told him to buy a "real" radio, but that's another story.
Regards from the land of the 40 Below Barenaked Contesters.
PS 10 M really sucked in this weekend's contest. Could hardly work anything
from up here.
73 Rob VE4GV
"If you gotta contest, do it naked" a whole new meaning to working Barefoot.

>From Wayne E. Wright" <71034.3544 at CompuServe.COM  Sun Dec 12 20:02:16 1993
From: Wayne E. Wright" <71034.3544 at CompuServe.COM (Wayne E. Wright)
Date: 12 Dec 93 15:02:16 EST
Subject: Windows CT V8 file reader available
Message-ID: <931212200216_71034.3544_CHJ66-1 at CompuServe.COM>

Here's a chance for you to see what your log data looks like under Windows. 
written a little Windows program that can read your CT V8 BIN files and 
your log in a scrolling window. It also allows some editing (time, 
frequency, QSL
info, exchange info, etc.) using a Windows interface, and can save your 
in any of a variety of formats :WK1, DIF, ASCII, WriteLog binary. (Hint: 
in WK1 format, read it in Quattro Pro V5 and take a look at what the Data
Modeling Desktop can tell you about your log)

The program is free. I've put it on Compuserve, or will forward a copy to 
on request. If lots of you respond, I'll ask for a volunteer ftp site--send 
me email at
71034.3544 at 

Wayne, W5XD

>From robert penneys <penneys at>  Mon Dec 13 00:21:11 1993
From: robert penneys <penneys at> (robert penneys)
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 93 19:21:11 EST
Subject: 10 meter contest
Message-ID: <9312130021.AA08391 at>

Having contracted pneumonia during the CQWW CW and having spent the last two 
weeks in bed, it was a relief to get on the 10 meter test at all.

Low power, low antenna, CW only, single op, etc.

248 x 54 = 53,568.  Sorry not to have been on more.

Tnx Bob WN3K   FRC

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