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Thu Dec 16 10:24:06 EST 1993

Interesting to see this topic resurface.  I remember similar
conversations 20 years ago.  Back then a bunch of us back at
W9YT decided that certain alternating patterns were less easily
confused . . . three of us who I know about are Scott, K9MA, Glenn,
K6NA, and myself.  See the pattern? 

73 and "dah dee dah"

scott   K5TA

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Date: 16 Dec 93 07:54:56 PST
Subject: 160M 4SQ
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 Bill, N8ET, writes:

 >Maybe we will be able to give it a test in the 160 test this spring.
 >It has survived everything WX could throw at it this past year...

 Obviously, it isn't big enough...

 David K. McCarty, K5GN
 dkmc at

>From Susan M. King (8-695-3688)" <ku2q at vnet.IBM.COM  Thu Dec 16 16:00:48 1993
From: Susan M. King (8-695-3688)" <ku2q at vnet.IBM.COM (Susan M. King (8-695-3688))
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 11:00:48 EST
Subject: call signs

As soon as I got the envelope in the mail with my lovely call, I tried
it on 2 meters.  The first response to "KU2Q" was "gesundheit!"  I
nearly cried.

Several days later, I tried the call on CW.  It was the WPX contest weekend.
I had never heard of WPX.  Thanks to whoever it was who took the time out
of the contest to explain WPX to me.  I had fun.  I gave #001 to a
bunch of folks.

Will I ask for a new call?  I don't know.  Will having ?2?? make me better,
more famous, taller?  Or can I try to make KU2Q more famous, etc?
Who knows.  It's nice to send on CW, it's the pits on SSB.

Susan - KU2Q - maybe forever, maybe not.

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