call sign advantage?

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K5ZD writes:
>Well, I would recommend against "Z" as a letter for phone.  Not enough 
>choices for Phonetics.  Zulu, Zebra and Zanzibar (all two syllables) and 
>you're done.

I live about a mile  from W3ZZ and can always hear W3 ZED ZED ... 
everywhere I go on the air... And he very seldom is asked for a repeat..
In this area, I noticed that everyone  with a Z in the call never
identified on the air with just a plain Z.... It was always ZED..
I thought it was a rule to say ZED if you had a letter Z in your 

I have also travelled to Europe and noticed in several countries, 
"ZED" is used for "Z" like we say "A" for the letter "A".. Maybe 
adjusting the phonetic for where the opening is, changes the 
advantage of some calls?

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Subject: Vanity Call Signs
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In the "for what it's worth" department, here's some info 
that wasn't in the FCC's press release.

The League's Washington attorney who attended the FCC open 
meeting at which the vanity call sign program was announced 
and the press conference that followed says these points were 

     1) A cost to the applicant of $70 (this is consistent 
with the $7/year fee we'd previously heard);

    2) Preference for previous holders of call signs (ie, if you
once gave up a call sign, you get first crack at getting it back).

    3) Preference for higher-class licensees.

    4) Ralph Haller and his staff predicted that the new
computer system would be on line "in the late summer."

Of course this stuff is all subject to change and there are
lots of unknown details. It will be interesting to get the 
NPRM and see how it unfolds.

Mark Wilson, AA2Z
mwilson at

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