On Wisconsin!

Tom Morrison thm at rmc.liant.com
Tue Dec 21 08:28:19 EST 1993

> K1VR:  Another W9YT contester was K3ZO.  I guess U Wis gets
> the award for graduating the most good contesters.

Fred, please...  Don't wanna start a flame war, but think MSU must also 
get a bit of credit.  Check out the years when W8SH was populated by 
K8MFO, K8UDJ,  K1ZND and K7NHV (not to mention other, 
ahem...lesser, lights, as well as some who grew up around MSU in 
those years, such as WA8VRB).   Now check the masthead of QST.

Of course, WA8... call ending in R (don't they all) probably has a 
different perspective.  But as Rose Bowl time approaches, we can all 
agree that the hated Pac 10 never even came close.

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