Call searching

Tue Dec 21 07:20:18 EST 1993

      Using the ham call look-up on packet is a real time saver, but it 
      is not available for me during contests since it slows down the        
      system. Its a great tool for finishing off W.A.S. during a cq filled 
      band since you can usually see what State he is in and decide whether
      or not to call. I have just finished my 7th band and have some catching
      up to do. Some folks have 11 bands W.A.S. whew!
      See Ya, in the January VHF contest?
      de Sam
      WN6W =WE NEED 6 WOMEN      HAR!


>From fred.kleber at atlas.ccmail.PacTel.COM (fred kleber)  Tue Dec 21 16:01:45 1993
From: fred.kleber at atlas.ccmail.PacTel.COM (fred kleber) (fred kleber)
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 08:01:45 PST
Subject: Apologies
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Message Creation Date was at 21-DEC-1993 07:37:00

    My apologies for the duplicate messages.  We've been having problems
    with the internet gateway at our corporate office and it seems all of
    the E-mail I tried to send during the last week got dumped on the
    reflector at the same time.  The problem's fixed and it shouldn't
    happen again.  (Good thing this wasn't a SprINT log!)

    Fred, K9VV

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