VHF-Limited Multi-op Category

Tue Dec 21 14:59:36 EST 1993

>From Mark (AA1AK):

I am in the process of building up my VHF/UHF station. I currently have 50, 
144, and 432 Mhz with hopes of adding 222 Mhz soon, and I have no immediate 
plans to add any capabilites above 432. Without those additional bands, I can't 
compete against the single op's who do. 

My problem is that there is no category for "Limited Single Op", so as a 
single-operator, can I enter the "Limited Multi-Op" category? I realize that 
I still will be overmatched against other "Limited Mulit-Ops" because they 
have all the bands going all the time, but I figure that I stand a better 
chance at breaking the top 10 than as a "Single Op". 

Well, I guess I can always dream. Is it time to petition the ARRL for a 
"Limited Single Op" Category? It seems that there are a lot of other operator 
that are in my situation.

So what should I do? Can I enter as a "Limited Multi-Op"; resign myself to the
fact that I'm stuck in a Single-Op category with no hope of breaking the top 
10; or start a petition with the ARRL to change the rules? Or maybe I'm missing 
the obvious answer. Any help is appreciated....

Mark... AA1AK  FN31

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