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Tue Dec 21 15:03:00 EST 1993

> Well, I'm another one.  But I was NOT part of the Engineering bunch where 
> the station was.  Recall that there were "hill" people who contemplated 
> lofty thoughts and valley people (engineers) who got their hands dirty with 
> real world problems.  I lived on the hill in those days (7th floor, Bascom 
> Hall).  My, how things have changed!!!
>                                 AA6KX:  MA Math, '73; MS Comp Sci, '75
>                                         (UW Madison)

Sorry for the bandwidth.. couldn't resist..
7th floor of Bascom?  I guess that's where the *real* lofty
thoughts took place.  I'll bet the way a person got to 712 Bascom Hall
was to go to the basement and find the room with the most aromatic
smoke coming out of it... I think the basement was where all the IBM 650s
were in the mid-60's and before Van Vleck was built.  Once MRC, Van Vleck,
Van Hise, and Dayton St were built, the math nerds didn't have to hide
out in Bascom.  I left in '72 so I guess things could have changed a lot.

I spent too much of my life in the E building down in the valley, but
never operated YT.  I operated WB9GOB (or whatever it was) in the
basement of Elm Drive B.
				N0GOS:  BSEE '67;  MSEE '69
					(UW Madison)
				Tom Fisher

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