Multi-single operation

Peter Hardie hardie at
Mon Jul 5 13:28:59 EDT 1993

VE5QST will be operating multi-single in IARU and will be the HQ station
for Canada. 
My question is, what is the best way to schedule operation of the bands in
a multi-single operation? We know we aren't going to win (HG73DX will:-)
but we would like to maximize our score while at the same time giving out our
multiplier to as many ops as we can. The choice of band will be primarily
determined by conditions but I'm wondering how multi-singles schedule
their SSB vs CW operation. I have suggested that we operate each mode
alternately for half hour periods - e.g. SSB on the hour, CW on the half hour.
This way we can spread our QSOs out across the bands and modes fairly
evenly. Perhaps this will work OK on 20m when it is usually open all day
and maybe we'll have to modify it for 15m to take advantage of whatever
opening we get.
But I've never operated a multi-single before and perhaps there are wiser
and more experienced ops out there.
Pete hardie at  VE5VA

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