Interstation interference

Rus Healy NJ2L rhealy at
Wed Jul 7 14:27:36 EDT 1993

As all multiop contest veterans know, it can be a big challenge
to keep local transmitters on other bands out of your receiver.
A bigger challenge is keeping transmitters on the same band
from making it impossible to hear anything. Probably the most
prominent case in which this is a problem is Field Day.

Several band-pass filter construction articles have been published
over the years (notably by K4VX and W3LPL), and some commercial
products for this application are available. However, I haven't 
seen any that address cases of interference within a few hundred
kilohertz. Intuitively, it seems that a very-high-Q notch filter 
and a band-pass filter at the receiver could solve this problem.
Perhaps the opposite configuration at each transmitter would also
be necessary.

Have you seen anything published or sold that address this problem? 
If so, please email me.

--73, Rus

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