NA Sprint Rules

Randy A Thompson K5ZD at
Fri Jul 9 00:25:10 EDT 1993

Regarding the new Sprint rule about all contacts must be sent and received
using "real-time" human intervention...

It sure is a confusing way to say "no tape recorders"!  I read the rule and
had absolutely no idea what it was trying to solve.  Hey Tree, why don't 
you say what you mean instead of trying to emulate the sound of a lawyer?
A contest rule that has no meaning to the participants is worthless.

I agree with the rule requiring only one transmitted signal.  I must admit 
to being rather shocked and dismayed to learn that KR0Y was employing this
technique in his recent victories.  Gee, it does take a lot of skill to 
handle multiple radios, but I thought Jeff was winning "the old fashioned
way".  I can attest that my 350+ QSO scores were done with only one radio
operating at a time!

The reason that I support the one transmitter rule for single ops in all
contests is that it provides some degree of parity in a sport that is
clearly ruled by the geographically and monetarily advantaged.  At least
if the other ops are only transmitting in one place at a time, I know that
we are all racing with the same number of engines (so to speak).

Three cheers for a rule that will return the Sprint to a test of an operators
ability to quickly tune for and find the next QSO.  Rather than a test of
the ability to call CQ on 2 bands at one time and avoid the QSY rule.

Randy Thompson, K5ZD

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