Sprint rules -comment

Danny Eskenazi 0005720561 at mcimail.com
Fri Jul 9 16:35:00 EDT 1993

NO KIDDIN? I never knew that people were using 2 or more radios in the
sprints! Ive never known anyone who has used more than one! So..how
many people are we really talking about when we have to write a new
rule just for them? Always assumed that we all were on the same level
generally, as far as gear, but I guess not..I too am shocked and dismayed
to find this out. I like the idea of asking the people who do the contest,

before just coming out with new rules. I think enough are on internet, and surely many others can be reached for comment, before just writing a rule.
I do however agree with the rule to limit the contest to one radio, but 
would be glad to see a computer do 200 Qs all by itself.......... for fun.
73 Danny K7SS...ps plad to see all the new DX guys on here...73 ALL!

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