Let's ask K1ZZ !

n2ic at longs.att.com n2ic at longs.att.com
Fri Jul 9 13:59:20 EDT 1993

Those of you who have been following the discussions in rec.radio.amateur.policy
know that NQ0I's recent PRB-1 antenna case loss has become a heated issue.

As contesters, we have a vested interest in modifications to PRB-1
that COMPLETELY preempt local antenna regulations that limit us based on
aesthetic or psuedo-scientific health and safety issues.  The vagueness in the
current version of PRB-1 just doesn't hack it !  If we don't start
making some noise, then the issue of antenna restrictions will remain secondary,
behind other "important" issues like:

- Loss of part of the 220 MHz band
- Use of scanners in cars
- Increased privileges for Novices and no-code Technicians

If we are silent on this issue, within 10 years contesting in the
USA will be divided into two classes: A few big guns, who are lucky or rich enough
to live where they can put up big antennas, and the rest, trying to work the
big guns using their attic dipoles.  Even putting up a modest tribander at
50 feet will be impossible for those who live in suburbia.  Not very much different
then it currently is in England.

If we can get all fired up about issues like "equalized contesting", why are we
so complacent about antenna restrictions ?   This is NOT a lost cause.  All it
takes is action by the FCC.  Even the judges in the NQ0I case said  "...the FCC
has the power to enact regulations which would preempt conflicting local
ordinances ...".  The time is NOW to put pressure on the ARRL and the FCC to
modify PRB-1.

If you aren't doing a serious effort in the IARU contest, why not ask K1ZZ
what the ARRL is doing about antenna restrictions ?  I'm sure he'll be on for at
least a few hours.  There are also a few other contesters in a position to
influence ARRL policy, such as K1KI.  Why not ask him what is going on, too !

Steve London, N2IC/0

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