Two TX

Ward Silver hwardsil at
Fri Jul 9 13:54:46 EDT 1993

I don't have any problem with the following sequence:

Band A:    CQCQCQ --listen-- CQCQCQ --response--exchange--
Band B:             CQCQCQ  -listen- CQ(abort)-----------CQCQCQ

It works for multi-single, too...

I do have a problem with:

Bankd A:   CQCQCQ --listen-- CQCQCQ --response, etc.
Bankd B:   CQCQCQ --listen-- CQCQCQ ----------------

Scenario #1 is just skill and being able to keep two things straight at once.
(should be no problem for parents with small children...)  Scenario #2 is
not skill, but rather brute force.

I think Tree's rule change addresses the use and abuse of scenario #2, with
which I agree.

Ward, N0AX

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